Yenching Academy Fully Funded Masters Fellowships For International Students

The University of China is offering the Yenching Academy Fully Funded Masters Fellowships For International Students

A master’s degree in Chinese studies can be obtained with an educational program that spans six major areas, including literature and culture, archaeological research and history, theology and religion, politics and diplomatic affairs, finance and management, and law and society. The two languages, English and Chinese, will be offered for academy classes.

Yenching Academy Fully Funded Masters Fellowships For International Students: What To Know About It

  • The deadline for applications is December 3, 2023, 12:00 p.m. Beijing time.
  • International countries are eligible.
  • To be accepted into (nation): China

What the Award Is: A fully-funded residential program offering numerous multidisciplinary courses on China in the Humanities and Social Sciences is called the Yenching Academy Fully Funded Masters Fellowships for International Students.

Yenching Scholars have the freedom to choose their own study pathways by selecting from six research topics and a range of extracurricular activities, all while working collaboratively with their academic advisors. Studying at the Institute offers a unique chance for academic and intercultural interchange as well as for personal and career development.

Study Subject: Students take part in fieldwork in Mainland China’s culturally, economically, or politically significant locations. Each scholar selects a research area from a list of six that corresponds to their thesis topic.
The alternatives or requirements for choosing a course are unaffected by the research area.
Research areas include: politics and international relations; economics and management; history and archaeology; law and society; literature and culture; philosophy and religion.

Yenching Academy Fully Funded Masters Fellowships For International Students: How To Be Eligible

Interested applicants must possess the following:

  • a Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, in any area, conferred no later than the last day of August of the year they desire to enter;
  • exemplary academic performance;
  • strong desire to study China multidisciplinary;
  • a history of extracurricular success, involvement in the community, and ethical behavior;
  • potential for leadership;
  • English language ability.

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Those who are selected must demonstrate the manner in which the Yenching Academy curriculum is important and relevant to their career goals.
A higher priority is given to applicants who are under 25 years old. The age preference for students from nations where military service is required is 27 years old or less.

Awards: around 125

Worth of Award: Yenching University offers an enviable postgraduate fellowship that includes tuition costs, housing expenses, a travel subsidy for one round-trip flight from each scholar’s home city to Beijing, and a recurring living stipend.

More Details About The Yenching Scholarship Eligibility

  • the equivalent of a Bachelor’s diploma in any discipline, or be enrolled in a Bachelor’s program currently and on pace to complete it by August 31, 2024*;
  • exemplary academic performance;
  • strong desire to study China multidisciplinary;
  • extracurricular accomplishments, involvement in the community, philanthropy, and leadership aptitude;
  • English language ability.
  • Students are not permitted to enroll in additional academic courses while attending Yenching University.

Schedule of the Program

  • International researchers are eligible for 12-month fellowships with the possibility of an additional 12-month extension in Beijing.
  • Applicants may apply for a small number of teaching, analytical, or managerial assistantships during their second year in Beijing.
  • In addition, academics can apply for funds to support their China Studies-related research initiatives.
  • In the first year, every student finishes their studies. Thesis drafting and defense are completed in the second year; overseas students who decide to depart Beijing after their inaugural year may finish their defense remotely. Degrees are granted in the first two months of each year after successful completion of all courses and thesis defense.
  • Qualified Yenching Scholars who wish to pursue doctorate degrees in other departments at Peking University may also be eligible for a small number of doctoral fellowships from the Academy.

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