What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK?

Once again, I bring to you “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded in the UK?”

I’ve put up a list of UK master’s scholarships for you. If you’re seeking fully funded master’s scholarships in the United Kingdom for international students to study there, you’ve found them.

What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded in the UK? List Of Available Scholarships In UK

Global Undergraduate And Doctoral Scholarships At The University Of Cambridge

All fellowships requiring you to submit a request to the university in Cambridge using the standard online application form are open for applications, and the majority of scholarships demand that you apply by the appropriate date.

Number of Awards: Unlimited

Award value: fully financed

Program Duration: The length of the candidates’ program

The University of Scotland, Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarship (FEES)

Numerous scholarships are available from the University of Strathclyde’s Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarship (FEES) for international (non-EU) fee-paying students who are self-supporting and have strong academic credentials.

Total number of recipients: A scholarship worth up to £3,750

Scholarship duration: a year

Global Development Institute (GDI) Scholarships At The University Of Manchester

The Global Development Institute (GDI) is happy to inform international applicants of the availability of nine scholarships, which include full tuition exemptions for fees for on-campus Master’s programs starting in September.

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, or Zambia are eligible African nations.

Six recipients were honored.

Scholarship Value: The scholarship pays for education, living costs, travel to the UK, and visas.

Scholarship period: one year

Scholarships for Masters, The Jeroen Ensink Memorial Fund in Developing Nations

Students from southern Africa and South Asia who are dedicated to enhancing public health in developing nations and aspire to enroll in the MSc in Public Health for Development programme are eligible for the Jeroen Ensink Memorial Scholarship.

Number of Recipients: Unlimited

Scholarship amount: A full scholarship provides a tax-free compensation (living stipend) of GBP 16,750.00 in addition to full-time overseas tuition expenses (including the necessary field trip price). It also covers airfares from the student’s home country to the British Isles and back once the scholarship expires.

Scholarship period: one year

Masters Scholarship for African and Caribbean, University of Nottingham

Do you desire to influence the growth of your nation of origin? In partnership with the evolving Solutions Scholarship Scheme, the University of Nottingham is pleased to provide full tuition scholarships.

The University of Nottingham’s premier international scholarship program for postgraduate masters courses was established in 2001 and is called Developing Solutions.

There are 105 scholarships offered by Developing Solutions, 30 of which cover the whole cost of tuition and 75 of which cover half.

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

Scholarship value: 100% of tuition and 50% of tuition

Scholarship duration: One year for master’s program

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Distance Learning Scholarships Bangor University

The post-graduate program is intended mainly for students who are already interested in forestry and want to learn more about the advantages that tropical forests can have for the environment and society. People who work in forestry, industries related to forestry, and natural resource management, notably in the areas of planning, regulation, policy, surveillance, conservation, and environmental protection, are suitable candidates.

The course is also appropriate for those who work in forestry education and want to expand their knowledge and skills to enhance their instruction.

Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Lesotho are among the eligible African nations.

Scholarship Amount and Number: There are up to five fully paid scholarships available. Successful candidates receive a modest research grant (GBP £150 a month) to help with the cost of computers and internet access.

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

The scholarship also comes with a sizeable award to help recipients travel for the required two-week study tour that will take place in a nation with significant tropical forest assets in July and August.

Scholarship duration: for the duration of studies

LSHTM Masters Scholarships, Degrees In Nutrition For Global Health

Those who wish to enroll in the one-year, full-time MSc Nutrition for Global Health program at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in London are eligible for this award.

There was one award.

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

Value of Award: The scholarship will pay for tuition, a GBP 16,750.00 tax-free stipend (living allowance), and a GBP 2,000.00 GBP grant for an MSc summer project.

Program run-time: a year

Mo Ibrahim Foundation Scholarships, University Of Birmingham

The MSc in Global Development (Governance and State-building) featuring a full scholarship is a fascinating opportunity provided by the International Development Department. Governments, nonprofit organizations, and development organizations, as well as a burgeoning and dynamic academic community, are particularly interested in governance and state-building.

Numerology of Awards: Countless

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

Value of Scholarship: The scholarship comes with;

  • whole price of tuition
  • airfare to and from the UK, as well as visa fees
  • stipend of £950 per month for 18 months
  • a £950 arrival allowance

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation will pay the selected candidate directly for the remaining six months of the internship.

Award Period: The fellowship will last for two years, allowing the recipient to finish their MSc and complete a one-year internship that includes six months at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

Morland Foundation African Scholarship, University Of East Anglia

A Postgraduate student in the School of Literature, Drama, and Creative Writing receives the Miles Morland Foundation African Scholarship so they can enroll in the MA Creative Writing (Prose Fiction) program.

There was one award.

Cost of the Award: Up to £25,000 total, including a maintenance subsidy and tuition.

Program run-time: one year

Cranfield Scholarship for High Achievers in Computational Sciences

The Cranfield Sub-Saharan Africa High Achievers Scholarships have been introduced by Cranfield University with much excitement.

Multiple awards have been given.

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

Value of Award: Scholarships that can reduce tuition costs by up to 40%.

Program run-time: one year

Visiting Scholarships at Kingston University

Each year, Kingston University in London gives out rewards totaling £200,000, including £4,000 overseas scholarships. These are available to prospective full-time master’s degree candidates at Kingston University who are pursuing taught master’s degrees in any subject area.

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

The scholarships will be given out based on academic achievement, the benefits you want to derive from the course you are enrolled in, and your post-course plans.

Scholarship worth: £4,000

Scholarship period: one year

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Tuition scholarships for international students, Westminster University

When the University of Westminster celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2013, it reached a significant turning point. In honor of this, the University is currently giving students from nations with which it has good connections a variety of tuition award opportunities.

4 recipients total.

Scholarship worth: 50% of tuition only

Scholarship period: one year

Master’s Scholarship School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London

The London School of Economics and Political Science is happy to introduce the Ambassador E.O. Kolade Scholarship, which is available to deserving African students who are applying to master’s programs.

1 recipients of awards

Estimated value of the scholarship is worth £25,000

Scholarship period: one year

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

Scholarships For Double Masters Degrees At LSE & UCT For African Students

A one-of-a-kind program, the MSc Double degree in Global Media and Communications gives students the chance to study and gain experience in two locations (London and Los Angeles, Shanghai, or Cape Town) with strong ties to the international media industry.

The University of Southern California (USC), Fudan University in Shanghai, or the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa are among the top universities that successful students will attend after their first year at the London School of Economics (LSE) in London.

Two recipients were honored.

Value and Duration of Scholarship: The grants, which are based on financial need and can cover up to the entire cost of tuition and living expenses at £1,200 per month, are for the first year of study at LSE.

Scholarship For Masters At University Of Essex

Any international student from a restricted group of nations who completed their undergraduate studies abroad and are paying for their postgraduate studies on their own will be given the University of Essex grant.

Since awards will be given based on applicants’ first-degree grades, all applications for pertinent courses will be taken into consideration.

Ghana and Nigeria are eligible countries in Africa.

Total number of recipients: Unlimited

Scholarship worth: £4,000 paid as a tuition reduction

Scholarship duration: Covers the first year’s tuition costs.

Developing Solutions/Allan and Nesta Ferguson Commonwealth Scholarships

The University of Nottingham, which is proud to be partnering with The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust to offer full tuition scholarships for a global future to students from Africa, India, and Commonwealth nations who wish to pursue master’s degrees at the university, is celebrating more than ten years of the Developing Solutions scholarship program.

Scholarships awarded: 3 scholarships.

Scholarship worth: full tuition

Scholarship duration: For the one-year master’s program

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

Johnson & Johnson Scholarships For Developing Nations In Global Mental Health

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London (KCL) together provide the MSc Global Mental Health course.

The study plan seeks to equip students with the knowledge and abilities to start, implement, and manage mental health policies and programs in low-resource environments as well as to undertake and critically assess global mental health research.

Students will be able to contribute significantly to the fields of research, policy, and practice as they pertain to the field of global mental health thanks to these skills and knowledge.

Up to 4 awards may be given.

Value of Award: Each scholarship includes full tuition coverage, a GBP 16,730.00 stipend (living allowance), and a GBP 500.00 allocation for MSc project costs.

Program run-time is one year.

Sub-Saharan African Merit Scholarships at Cranfield

The Cranfield Sub-Saharan Africa Merit Scholarships, worth £4,000 apiece in tuition fees, have just been announced by Cranfield University.

Number of Awards: Unlimited

Award value: £4,000 for tuition.

Program run-time: one year

Scholarship for Masters at University of Portsmouth

For students from Ghana and Nigeria who have submitted an application for one of the below-listed full-time taught Master’s postgraduate degrees, the Science Faculty at the University of Portsmouth is offering a number of scholarships.

The scholarship is a one-time, non-renewable gift for one year of Masters expenses.

Total number of recipients: Unlimited

Scholarship worth: a 20% discount on any tuition fees

Scholarship duration: Full-fee scholarship for master’s program of one year.

African Graduate Scholarships at University College, London

African citizens with strong academic and professional backgrounds who would not be able to attend UCL without financial support are supported by the scholarships.

The Scholarship is a one-time scholarship for study at the UCL Institute for Global Health for the academic year September–September.

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

Value of Award: Each contender will determine how much money they receive. The Scholarship is paid in the form of a deduction from tuition fees and housing costs at the beginning of the academic year, as well as through checks at regular intervals to cover food, transportation, and everyday expenses.

Award Period: One-time

Scholarships For International Students At The University Of Warwick’s School Of Life Sciences (SLS)

Five students who are starting their full-time MSc School of Life Sciences (SLS) studies will get scholarships from the university worth a 50% fee reduction.

5 recipients total.

Scholarship worth: 50% off of course fees.

WMG Excellence Masters Scholarships At The University Of Warwick

WMG, formerly known as the Warwick Manufacturing Group, is one of the University of Warwick’s biggest academic divisions and can be found in the Faculty of Science. The department offers master’s degrees in topics relating to management, technology, and innovation that are both exciting and applicable to the workplace.

WMG has a reputation for collaborating on research and development with major corporations on a national and international level. WMG will provide more than £750,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students starting full-time MSc programs.

Value and Number of Scholarships: Up to 50 WMG Excellence Scholarships may be given out, each with a % tuition price reduction. Awards will provide a fee savings of 25% to 50%.

Scholarship duration: full-time

Abroad Scholarships, University Of Kent Taught Masters Students

The University is happy to be able to provide a number of scholarships for enrollment at taught master’s level and has a long history of accepting international students from all around the world. The scholarships, which are worth £5,000 toward tuition, are available to nationals of any country who are paying fees abroad.

Uncapped number of scholarships available

Scholarship Amount: The scholarships are worth £5000 to help with the expense of education.

Scholarship duration: for the duration of studies

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Ruth First Educational Trust Scholarships, Durham University Offers

Applications are being accepted for the Ruth First Educational Trust’s scholarship program, which will help students from historically underprivileged households in southern Africa pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Durham. Ruth First Scholars are chosen for their active commitment to good causes as well as their academic abilities and have demonstrated strong leadership positions in their communities.

unlimited recipients of awards

Scholarship worth:

  • Complete payment of tuition
  • Living allowance in the form of 12 monthly installments
  • one round-trip ticket from the home country to the UK and the cost of transportation back from Durham City to the UK airport
  • Fully paid lodging and meals are provided at St. Chad’s College.
  • Arrival “Settling in allowance”
  • a payment toward the price of a UK visa as well as the UK Health Surcharge

During the duration of the Scholarship, neither travel nor further financial support for dependents may be requested from the Trust.

Scholarship duration: a year

This is list is compiled from “What International Masters’ Scholarships Are Fully Funded In The UK”

Cooperative Commonwealth Scholarship Program

The Department for International Development (DFID) established the Commonwealth Shared Scholarships in 1986 as a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the UK government and UK universities. More than 3,500 students from Commonwealth developing nations have received Shared Scholarships to date.

Universities in the UK have offered to support the scholarships by providing the students with a stipend from their own funds or funds that they have been able to raise from other sources. Visit the link below to view a list of collaborating universities.

Number of Scholarships: Each year, several scholarships (more than 200) are given.

Scholarship value: The CSC pays for tuition (at the international rate), round-trip airfare, and other expenses. Participating universities are obligated to fund the award recipient’s student stipend (at the amount determined by the UK government).

Scholarships last for one year of taught postgraduate courses exclusively in typical circumstances.


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