What Are The Fully Funded Scholarships In France: My List Of Top 10

France is one of the most popular study abroad destinations because it offers a plethora of options to international students, including excellent educational and research facilities, exceptionally low tuition costs, and fantastic grant chances. Together, let us explore “What Are The Fully Funded Scholarships In France: My List Of Top 10”.

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What Are The Fully Funded Scholarships In France: My List Of Top 10

Due to the excellent international rankings of some of its colleges, the French educational system is regarded as one of the greatest in both Europe and the entire globe. Universite Paris-Saclay, École Normale Supérieure, École Polytechnique, and Pierre and Marie Curie University are a few prestigious universities that provide France Scholarships.

For Masters & PhD

The Excellence Scholarships at Eiffel

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs established the scholarship to enable French universities to enroll the top international students in their master’s and doctoral degree programs. For master’s and PhD students, the Eiffel scholarship offers an allowance of €1,181 and €1,400, respectively. The program covers a variety of costs in addition to the stipend, such as return travel, health insurance, and cultural activities. Recipients of scholarships may also be qualified for additional housing benefits.

Joint Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Regardless of their subject of study, the world’s top students are awarded scholarships for one or two years to participate in the Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s offer. These students must complete their master’s program in at least two of the program’s participating nations in order to be eligible for one. Numerous higher education institutions in France provide combined Master’s programs. They pay for lodging and for the removal. Interested candidates can contact the institute they intend to apply to for further information.

For Undergraduate

Full Scholarships at the International Fashion Academy in Paris, France

International Fashion Academy Full Scholarships are tuition-free international scholarships available to students from abroad through the International Fashion Academy (IFA), located in Paris. All nationalities of students are eligible to apply for this award.

For Federal University Scholarship

Scholarships at École Normale Supérieure

In France, the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) is a particular kind of publicly supported university. The organization annually awards scholarships to thirty international students who are enrolled at ENS in the humanities or sciences. For two to three years, they get an allowance every month of about 1,000 euros.

MBA Scholarships at INSEAD

Regardless of origin or financial status, the INSEAD MBA Scholarship seeks to entice the smartest and brightest students to apply to the program. You can benefit from the scholarship offer if attending our well-regarded MBA program has long been your desire. The scholarships have a maximum value of €18,700.

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Ampère & MILYON Endowments

Excellent overseas students can apply for scholarships (Ampère & MILYON Scholarships) from the ENS de Lyon and its partners to study in its master’s programs in the arts, human and social sciences, and the precise sciences. Master’s degrees in applied mathematics and foundational computer science are funded by the MILYON Scholarships. The scholarship is renewable under certain conditions and covers €1000 per month for a period of 12 months.

Scholarships for Sciences Po University Emile Boutmy

Students beginning their first year of undergraduate or graduate studies at Sciences Po are eligible to apply for the Emile Boutmy scholarship. In honor of its founder, Sciences Po established the Emile Boutmy Scholarships to select the most deserving international applicants from outside the European Union. For postgraduate studies, the scholarships vary from €5,000 to €10,000; for undergraduate studies, they range from €3,000 to €12,300.

Scholarships for HEC Paris MBAs

Among the top business schools in the world, HEC Paris is a pioneer in management science instruction and research. It provides a distinctive portfolio of courses created for a student body that has been carefully chosen. The HEC Paris MBA program will allow all accepted applicants to submit a scholarship application. Thanks to the efforts and contributions of the HEC Foundation, the university provides over €1,000,000 in financial aid to accepted students annually. International students from all backgrounds and nations can apply for significant scholarships offered by HEC Paris. The scholarship ranges in value from €6,000 to €24,000.

Scholarships at the Grenoble Institute of Technology

Scholarships for exceptional international master’s degree candidates are available from the Grenoble INP Foundation. It’s crucial that you submit your application for the master’s program of your choosing before the deadline. The maximum amount of this scholarship is 5000 euros per semester, up to a maximum of two semesters.

African Scholarships from the French Embassy

Over 10,000 internships and scholarships from the French government were awarded to international students in 2019 by embassies. Recipients are entitled to free education in France. Applications can be sent to the appropriate department of the embassy. For further information, international students should visit the Campus France website. Candidates for master’s and doctoral degrees are eligible to apply for these awards. Students have the chance to continue their education in France on a scholarship with the French Embassy MSc and PhD Scholarships. The scholarship recipients will be chosen based on their outstanding academic records. Special programs are available for Nigerians, Tanzanians, and South Africans.

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What Are The Fully Funded Scholarships In France: How To Apply

There are no requirements in place to apply for the 2023 France Scholarships. In order to apply, students must go to the granting organization’s or higher education institution’s official website and cautiously follow the guidelines.

A list of supplementary documents that may help with admissions processing and scholarship administration may be required by some universities. Interested candidates are advised to always have the necessary paperwork on hand whenever it is requested.

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