African UK Scholarship Programme London – Chatham House Research Assistant, UK

The African UK Scholarship Programme London offers scholarships to Africans who are deemed qualified and fit to study in the UK.

This mixed internship format was created to allow participation from a larger geographic range. It is intended to be partially remote and partially in-person. The African Program will decide on certain office days.

A notable independent policy institute with its headquarters in London is Chatham House, which hosts the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs. Our goal is to contribute to the creation of a secure, affluent, and just global community. Chatham House’s Africa Programme is an international leader in independent policy analysis on issues impacting individual African states, their relations with the outside world, and the African peninsula as a whole. By collaborating with the top worldwide scholars studying African politics, the Initiative provides trustworthy, unbiased research that raises the standard of information shared around the world.

The Africa Programme encourages a better comprehension of how influence and international interactions are changing in sub-Saharan Africa. We don’t hesitate to take on the challenging and frequently complex topics that the continent is grappling with, and by doing so, we enable better communication and successful international interactions that can produce favorable results for citizens. Our work is intricate and delicate.

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We are interested in hearing from you if you have a knack for research and leadership, are a problem solver, and are enthusiastic about being a part of a varied and close-knit team that produces pertinent policy analysis and discussion on the politics and global interactions of African countries.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for overseeing the organization’s calendar of events, publications, and dissemination of the study’s results and outputs while reporting to the Senior Research Fellow and collaborating closely alongside the Projects Manager along with the Assistant Director of the Africa Curriculum on an array of Africa Programme projects. They will also provide editorial support to a number of research teams within the Africa Program. There will be some travel necessary, even on certain weekends.

We are an employer that values diversity. We respect diversity and abstain from prejudice based on protected qualities. All applicants are encouraged to apply.

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African UK Scholarship Programme London: Important Responsibilities


  • Help with research by completing background research and fact-checking publications and research outcomes.
  • Be a part of the creation of charts, illustrations, and datasets for literature reviews.
  • Support publications with editing and referencing.
  • Take part in field studies as your projects permit.
  • Encourage the publishing of research results.
  • Observe Chatham House and funders’ guidelines for administrative and reporting needs.


  • When necessary, offer logistical help, especially for foreign travel.
  • Support the team and outside participants during events on the spot.
  • serve as the meeting and event’s rapporteur and create meeting reports.


  • Participate in the creation of research project designs.
  • assistance with conference planning, roundtable and panel discussion organization, and content creation.
  • Maintain accounting records and track budget revenue and expenditure for chosen initiatives to ensure adherence to finance procedures.

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African UK Scholarship Programme London: How To Qualify

Eligibility for qualification is based on two terms: attainment and possession.

Eligibility criteria for attainment include:

  • able to react to situations that are always changing and solution-focused.
  • a capable problem-solver who takes the initiative.
  • a diligent team player who is enthusiastic and eager to learn.
  • Arabic, Portuguese, or French proficiency (recommended)

Eligibility criteria for possession include:

  • strong verbal and written communication abilities.
  • powerful analytical abilities.
  • a shown interest in African issues.
  • Excellent organizational and management abilities.
  • knowledge of assisting with international event organization.
  • Outstanding ability to balance multiple tasks in a short amount of time while paying attention to detail.
  • Ability to balance various tasks, set priorities appropriately, and remain composed under pressure.
  • Strong collaborative and interpersonal abilities as well as the ability to interact successfully with a variety of personalities at all capacities.
  • Ability to engage and maneuver amongst various groups and civilizations.
  • a knowledge of and exposure to less developed situations, such as through travel and/or employment, etc.
  • Experience working for an academic or research institution, NGO, foundation, or think tank is preferred.

African UK Scholarship Programme London: Value of This Scholarship

About 37 days of yearly leave, including holidays nationwide and Chatham House vacation days, an improved pension plan, an employee support program, life insurance, and other benefits tailored to your preferences are included in the benefits package. All of this is provided in a setting that is professional, interesting, and intellectually stimulating.

Pay: £28,000 annually.

Full-time: long-term contract.

Hybrid (Office/Home): at least two days per week in the office.

Deadline: Within 4 weeks after the position’s closing, you will be informed of the state of affairs of your application.

How to Apply for an Internship with the Chatham House Africa Program: Kindly fill out the application form, keeping to the word limit, and include information about your goals, abilities, and experiences that are relevant to this position.

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