Latvian Government Scholarships 2024 for International Students – Apply Now

Hello students, please do not waste any more time and read this article on how to apply for a fully funded Latvian government scholarships 2024 sponsoring your full educational expenses and granting you stipend money every month to begin your bachelor, master, or doctoral studies in Latvia Europe this year.

If you’re wondering what degree levels are available through Latvian scholarships, don’t worry. Latvian government scholarships are available on a big scale and cover all degree levels such as BS, MS, and Ph.D.

Funding Coverage of Latvia Government Scholarships

Please be advised that the Latvian government grant is the focus of attention due to its promise to provide stipend money every month to all foreign students in exchange for free education, free housing, and free research expenses.

If you receive a Latvia scholarship for your BS or MS degree, you can expect to be paid around €500 per month, whereas doctoral degree scholarship winners will be paid €700 per month in stipend money, along with free education and other benefits.

And the only disadvantage I see in this Latvia scholarship is the lack of insurance coverage for scholarship winners, which means that if you receive a Latvian government scholarship, you will have to purchase your own health insurance plan if necessary.

Latvian Government Scholarships Application Process:

I know you’re eager to submit your online application for a Latvian government grant. Still, there are some documents you’ll need to provide at the time of application, so let’s start by making scanned copies of those documents.

1# Apply for an Acceptance letter at Latvian HEI:

The first and most important step in applying for a Latvia scholarship is to contact faculty members at Latvian higher education institutions (HEI) to determine whether any professor is willing to supervise your degree at their laboratory. If any professor agrees to supervise your degree, you will be issued with an acceptance letter, which is required when submitting an online application for a Latvian government scholarship.

2# Scan the following documents:

Step two of the application process is straightforward, as you must provide scanned copies of supporting documents in order to submit your Latvian government grant application online. Let us now discuss these documents, as you will require a well-written motivation letter, a resume, valid and attested proof of your obtained degree with transcripts, a scanned copy of original English/Latvian language proficiency test result card, study plan, passport, and recommendation letters.

I doubt anyone will tell you this, but because I want you to succeed, I am telling you that if you create your resume using the Europass CV template, you will have a good chance of being selected. You should also attempt to write your study plan using the Europass CV template.

3# Submit Your Application Online

Once you have scanned copies of all of the above documents, you are ready to apply for a fully funded Latvia Government Scholarship, so don’t waste any more time and create a free account on the Latvia scholarship portal to submit your application and wait for their result announcement.

For more information, click the link below: Latvian government scholarship

Countries and candidates who are Eligible

International students, researchers, and academic and scientific teaching staff at Latvian higher education schools are eligible for Latvian state scholarships.

Bachelor’s students who have finished at least one academic year at any higher education institution (HEI) are eligible to apply. Master’s and Ph.D. students from any prior HEI, as well as academic and scientific staff from Latvian or international higher education and research institutions, are eligible applicants.

More than 40 nations from Europe, Asia, and North and South America that have signed an agreement on education and science cooperation with Latvia or other partner countries are eligible.

Not all costs are completely covered.

On an open call, each applicant may submit only one application, and scholarships cannot be granted concurrently with other grants. It should be noted that Latvian state scholarships do not completely cover all study-related expenses, such as tuition, travel expenses from home to and from Latvia, and other expenses.