Chris Sutton predicts where Arsenal will finish this season

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The prevailing sentiment among pundits and analysts suggests that Arsenal is poised to mount another title charge in the upcoming season.

Under the guidance of Mikel Arteta, Arsenal has undergone a transformation from a team that struggled to meet expectations to one that has demonstrated the capability of securing coveted Champions League qualification spots.

Last season, despite falling short of winning the league, Arsenal successfully clinched a place in the top four. Building upon this achievement, the team now aims to capitalise on the progress they’ve made.

The club’s efforts to strengthen its squad with high-quality players have heightened anticipation among fans for the upcoming season. This infusion of talent is expected to enhance their performance when the season kicks off, raising expectations for their overall performance.

Acknowledging the pressure that comes with striving for success, Arsenal is determined to deliver their best performance consistently throughout the season. Chris Sutton, among other pundits, envisions a strong season for the team, predicting that they will secure a second-place finish in the league standings.

Regarding a possible title challenge, Sutton added on the Daily Mail:

“Finishing in the top four remains Arsenal’s top priority, in my mind. They sprinted into a strong start — winning nine of their first 10 league fixtures — but they lost the marathon to a poor finish. Let’s see where Arsenal are in the table when they host City on October 7.”

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Finishing next season inside the top four is something of pride for us and would make us appreciate our journey.

Doing it last season was a surprise. We now have to prove that it was not a flash in the pan by repeating that success.

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