Amazon Prime announces Kalvin Phillips documentary

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Kalvin Phillips: The Road to City is set to be released this month on Amazon Prime. The movie basically covers his journey from Leeds United to Manchester City.

The documentary captures the remarkable story of Philips’ rise from an underdog at the Leeds United academy to his triumphant celebration with the European Champions in the streets of Manchester. In this gripping 90-minute film, viewers will witness how Kalvin navigates the challenges of pursuing both his domestic and national aspirations, while overcoming various obstacles on his journey to proudly represent his home country. According to Amazon Prime, this documentary offers a captivating exploration of Kalvin Philips’ resilience and determination.

Kalvin Philips had the toughest of seasons in the Blues of Manchester. The midfielder only started 2 Premier League matches and saw his potential spot in the midfield being snatched by his English compatriot John Stones who emerged outstandingly well in that position after Guardiola changed his style of play to 3-2-4-1.

The Road to City releases globally on July 19, 2023.

The show will cover his last twelve months which have been nothing short of a roller coaster. The 27-year-old former Leeds United star made glory after being signed by the champions and everything seemed uphill for him. And just as his golden days were emerging, he suffered an unwanted injury ahead of the 2022 World Cup. The glum for Philips only increased after he was continuously benched for the Champions.

This NEO Studios production covers all aspects of his time at Manchester City. The movie starts with his time at the Leeds Academy to his signing for the European giants onto his title wins at the FA Cup, Premier League, and Champions League. The movie also showcases behind the scenes of Philips which will help us as fans get to know the humble guy much better than ever.

NEO Studios said: “It is an honest portrayal of a happy, talented young player, his struggles with injuries and a meteoric rise from an ordinary lad from Leeds, to become part of one of the Premier League’s most successful teams – Manchester City.”

Fans are already exhilarated with the announcement of documentary and cant really hold back for the July of 19th. Like all of us, even the protagonist is ecstatic about his film.

Kalvin Phillips said: “I’m happy to have my story told from behind the scenes to show that there’s a lot more to my life than people see on the surface and on the pitch, to show that at the end of the day I am just a normal person trying to live my dream and do my best and to showcase how important my family and friends are during my career and throughout my life.”

“My main objective was to inspire people of all ages that anything you put your mind to and hard work is possible but also to be humble and enjoy every moment of whatever career path you take. And that there’s valuable lessons in every part of life. Take them as positively as you can and keep pushing to reach your dreams.”

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