St Antony’s College Eni Scholarships in The UK for 2022/2023

We are so glad to bring to you the St Antony’s College Eni Scholarships which is currently an ongoing scholarship. Continue reading this article to find out about the scholarship, its worth, eligibility, and application process.

Eni Scholarships will allow St Antony’s College to admit up to three of the best African students irrespective of means and will add limitlessly to the diverse and intellectual character of the College. This is part of a joint initiative between Eni and St Antony’s College to invest in and strengthen African leadership.

St Antony’s College and Eni Scholarships immeasurably are equally eager to encourage and where possible, structured incentives for Eni Scholars to further their studies or find useful employment back in their home country after graduating from Oxford.

However, discussions about this are ongoing and scholars will be informed of related contacts and partnerships as they emerge. St Antony’s College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England.

St Antony’s College was established in 1950 as the result of the gift of French merchant Sir Antonin Besse of Aden. The college specializes in international relations, economics, politics, and area studies relative to Europe, Russia, former Soviet states, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Japan, China, and South and Southeast Asia.

St Antony’s College is based in North Oxford, with Woodstock Road to the west, Bevington Road to the south, and Winchester Road to the east. As of 2018, the college had an estimated financial endowment of £43.8m. Formerly a men’s college, it has been coeducational since 1962.

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