Disability Sports Scholarships at Newcastle University in the UK for 2022/2023


Have you been thinking of where to study in the UK? Good news! Disability Sports Scholarships is an ongoing application at Newcastle University. Continue reading this article to find out about the scholarship, its worth, eligibility, and application process.

Disability Sports Scholarships is offered by Newcastle University for undergraduate or postgraduate university students or candidates with a disability. Applicant Regional/National/International standard within the last 12 months. Scholars should be part of a National Governing Body Performance Squad or equivalent.

Newcastle University is a UK public research university located in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England. The university has foreign campuses in Singapore and Malaysia. It is a red brick university and also a member of the Russell Group which is an association of research-intensive UK universities.

The university’s history can be traced to the School of Medicine and Surgery which is later the College of Medicine and was founded in 1834, and the College of Physical Science later renamed Armstrong College established in 1871.

However, these two colleges came to form the larger division of the federal University of Durham, with the Durham Colleges forming the other. The Newcastle colleges combined to form King’s College in 1937.

In 1963, after an Act of Parliament, King’s College became the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. The university subdivides into three faculties which are the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; the Faculty of Medical Sciences; and the Faculty of Science, Agriculture, and Engineering.

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