What to Study in Canada as an International Student

For international students, Canada remains a popular choice. In fact, the number of international students who have picked Canada as their study abroad destination has tripled in the last decade. Almost 650,000 students from all over the world study in Canadian universities, making it one of the top five study destinations in the world, alongside the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. If you’ve ever wondered which degrees students prioritize, we’ve got the answer!

Top Majors for International Students in Canada
Although there are hundreds of degrees that International Students have pursued in Canada, there are certainly some favorites.

Management Sciences (MS) or Business
MS, sometimes known as undergraduate business studies, are one of the most popular degrees in Canada. Management Science (MS) is an interdisciplinary discipline that studies problem-solving and decision-making in human organizations. It has significant ties to management, economics, business, engineering, management consulting, and other fields. These degrees are more math-oriented than business-oriented, and they will educate students about statistical and programming theories and models, as well as how to apply them to a range of business challenges. According to 2016 Statistics Canada data, women with an MS degree earn the highest income on average.

Average Salary with MS degree: $65,356 – $92,957 CAD

Petroleum or Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineering bachelor’s degrees are available and will equip graduates for entry-level careers in the sector. Students study physics, biology, mathematics, and kinetics in addition to chemistry through a combination of classroom instruction, laboratory experiments, and fieldwork assignments. This is one of Canada’s most valued degrees, requiring students to study fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, and process modeling in order to build operations that convert raw materials into specified products for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, medicine, and energy.

Average Salary with Petroleum or Chemical Engineering Degree: $59,000 – $140,000 CAD

Students with a finance degree gain a comprehensive grasp of banking, trade, and economics. The study, acquisition, and management of money and investments is referred to as finance. Banking, credit, debt, and capital markets are all activities that are governed by economic concepts and procedures. A bachelor’s degree in finance is one of the most popular in Canada, and graduates are qualified to work in a number of financial positions such as security analyst, market research analyst, bank manager, mortgage broker, or portfolio manager.

Average Salary with Finance Degree: $53,000 – $79,000 CAD

A pharmacology degree is an academic certification that demonstrates your knowledge and skills in medication evaluation, distribution, and distribution. Pharmacology is a branch of science that studies chemical medications and how they impact people and animals who use them. Because the Canadian government expects a shortage of pharmacists until at least 2024, career opportunities are available.

Average Salary with Pharmacology Degree: $50,000 – $130,000 CAD

Geoscientists research the Earth’s composition, structure, and other physical features. They use advanced technologies to evaluate the composition of soil, rock, and water to investigate the Earth’s geologic history and present. A bachelor’s degree in geosciences is one of the most popular international degrees in Canada, and it may lead to careers in mining and petroleum exploration, environmental consulting, and urban planning, among other sectors. These skills are highly valued in Canada’s mining industry, which has recently struggled to owe to lower commodity prices.

Average Salary with Geosciences Degree: $50,000 – $120,000 CAD

Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada
When you’re looking to study in Canada it’s important to know which jobs are in-demand to pick the right degree to pursue. We have compiled some of the most popular jobs for international student graduates:

Registered Nurse
Sales Associate
Web Developer
Business Development Manager
College Professor or Teacher
Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant
Petroleum Engineer
Human Resources Manager
Project Manager
Top Jobs for International Students by Canadian Province
Every province has a Provincial Nominee Program that has streams that allow International Students to become Permanent Residents. PNPs have draws around every month that sometimes target specific NOC codes which means they invite certain jobs.

Alberta PNP Jobs for International Students
International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream: International graduates of Alberta post-secondary institutions can apply for permanent residence.

Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream: Foreign graduates from outside of Canada can apply for permanent residence.

Retail and wholesale trade managers NOC 0621
Information systems analysts and consultants NOC 2171
Retail sales supervisor NOC 6211
Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers NOC 7321
Carpenters NOC 7271
Computer programmers and interactive media developers NOC 2174
Licensed practical nurses NOC 3233
General practitioners and family physicians NOC 3112
British Colombia PNP Jobs for International Students
International Post-Graduate Stream: The Skills Immigration (SI) – International Post-Graduate category of the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) can help you gain permanent residence in B.C.

Registered nurses and registered pyschiatric nurses NOC 3012
Elementary school and kindergarten teachers NOC 4032
Financial auditors and accountants NOC 1111
Secondary school teachers NOC 4031
Information systems analysts and consultants NOC 2171
Computer programmers and interative media developers NOC 2174
Other finanicial officers NOC 1114
Lawyers and Quebec notaries NOC 4112
Computer and information systems managers NOC 0213
Manitoba PNP Jobs for International Students
Career Employment Pathway: The Career Employment Pathway is a fast pathway for post-secondary students who graduate and find long-term employment in Manitoba.

Graduate Internship Pathway: The Graduate Internship Pathway allows for international student master and doctoral graduates who complete an internship to apply to the MPNP without a job offer.

International Student Entrepreneur Pilot: The International Student Entrepreneur Pilot provides international students who graduated in Manitoba the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship rather than employment.

There are hundreds of in-demand occupations for MPNP but here are a few for example:

Financial Managers NOC 0111
Human Resources Managers 0112
Insurance, Real Estate and Financial Brokerage Managers NOC 0114
Banking, Credit, and other Invesment Managers NOC 0122
Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Manager NOC 0124
Financial Auditors and Accountants NOC 1111
Managers in Health Care NOC 0311
Pharmacists NOC 3131
Lawyers and Quebec Notaries NOC 4112
Social Workers NOC 4152
Nova Scotia PNP Jobs for International Students
NSNP International Graduate Entrepreneur: The International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is for recent graduates of a Nova Scotia university or the Nova Scotia Community College who own a Nova Scotia business.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: The Atlantic Immigration Program is a federal immigration program that helps employers recruit skilled foreign workers and international graduates to meet labour needs.

Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates NOC 3413
Food and beverage servers NOC 6513
Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations NOC 6711
Light duty cleaners NOC 6731
Transport truck drivers NOC 7511
Heavy equipment operators (except crane) NOC 7521
Construction trades helpers and labourers NOC 7611
Ontario PNP Jobs for International Students
OINP Employer Job Offer – International Student stream: It gives international students with a job offer in a skilled occupation at Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC), the opportunity to apply for a nomination from the OINP to permanently live and work in Ontario.

All skilled occupations at Skill Type 0 or Skille Levels A or B are considered in-demand for international students. Some examples of those jobs are:

Financial Managers NOC 01111
Human Resources Managers NOC 0112
Medical Administrative Assistants NOC 1243
Civil Engineers NOC 2131
Mechanical Engineers NOC 2132
Computer Network Technicians NOC 2281
Dentists NOC 3113
Chiropractors NOC 3122
Medical Laboratory Technologists NOC 3211
Journalists NOC 5123
Prince Edward Island PNP Jobs for International Students
PEI PNP International Graduate Stream: The International Graduate stream is employer-driven, allowing Island employers to fill positions that they are unable to fill through the local job market.

Aerospace Engineers NOC 2146
Chemical Technicians NOC 2211
Aerospace Inspectors NOC 2232
Specialist Physician NOC 3111
General Practitioner and Family Physicians NOC 3112
Registered Nurses NOC 3012
Speech-Language Pathologist NOC 3141
University Professors NOC 4011
Social Workers NOC 4152
Machinists NOC 7201
Welders NOC 7237
Pipe Fitters NOC 7252
Mechanics NOC 7312
Saskatchewan PNP Jobs for International Students
Saskatchewan Students Stream: This program targets international students who have recently graduated from a Canadian educational institution and have at least 6 months of experience working in Saskatchewan.

All skilled occupations at Skill Type 0 or Skille Levels A or B are considered in-demand for international students. Some examples of those jobs are:

Financial Managers NOC 01111
Human Resources Managers NOC 0112
Medical Administrative Assistants NOC 1243
Civil Engineers NOC 2131
Mechanical Engineers NOC 2132
Computer Network Technicians NOC 2281
Dentists NOC 3113
Chiropractors NOC 3122
Medical Laboratory Technologists NOC 3211
Journalists NOC 5123
Interested in Becoming an International Student in Canada?
Studying in Canada is an amazing experience for any student. Canada has one of the highest standards of education in the world. If you want to ensure your best chances at getting approval on your student visa application, then we recommend you consult with us before submitting it. We have helped thousands and thousands of students successfully enter Canada on a study permit, and we can help you too! Read also on Nairaland

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